DEMO-ART-005 #1

Owner Octa Bit

0.090000 MATIC

Auction Ends in

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Blockchain Network
Mumbai Testnet(Polygon)
0.090000 MATIC by Dre Doy
17-08-2022 11:09:03am
Contract 0xF9B...8C5D8
Token ID 1
Token Standard ERC721
Blockchain Network Mumbai Testnet(Polygon)

Event Price From To Date
Offer 0.09000000 MATIC 0xdec...76c9d 17-08-2022 11:09:03am
Listing 0.08000000 MATIC 0xab9...a81f4 17-08-2022 11:05:30am
Mint 0 MATIC nulled Octa Bit 17-08-2022 10:25:47am

Event Price From To Date
Listing 0.08000000 MATIC Octa Bit 17-08-2022 11:05:30am

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